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 Kinglabel Adhesive Products Co., Ltd 

Founded in 1998, Kinglabel has established itself as a leading manufacturer of Self Adhesive Products over the years through the dedication of our current team of professionals from Taiwan and China.

Our company is built on the strength of continuous product development, innovation and flexibility to carve a niche in the industry.
Procedures are documented and executed to the highest standard from Raw Material procurement, Production, Quality Inspection and Customer Service, a commitment to our customers.
Our approach is to work closely with our customers to turn ‘Ideas into Solutions’, one application at a time. Every unique application is an opportunity for us and our customers to grow together.
We have put in place a sound quality control system to ensure all products are delivered with Quality Assurance. We have achieved ISO 9002 certification in 1999, ISO 9001 in 2002 and ISO 14001 in Year 2011.

Kinglabel is committed to continue our effort in grooming our people, expand our production capabilities and invest in product development and innovation to meet the expectation of our customers.