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     KINGLABEL recognizes its future is dependent on its pool of employees, the relentless effort on innovation and the social and environmental responsibilities.

As a manufacturer of pressure-sensitive films and adhesives, we endeavor to minimize the potential impact on the environment from our manufacturing processes.

We manufactured products that are environmentally friendly, using non-hazardous materials that complied with European Standard such as ROHS and EN71. Products are tested and certified through SGS Laboratory Agency and production procedures adhered strictly to ISO 14000 requirement. 

We continue our path of new product development and at the same time pursue new manufacturing technologies available that has less negative impact on our environment. We believe in investing in the long term sustainability of our manufacturing capabilities and products. 

In an effort to reduce toxic air emission and energy consumption, we pioneer the installation of a RTO system and tap on natural gas in our manufacturing processes. These measures has led to a reduction in our utility consumption and creating less pollution leading to a more Eco-friendly society.

 Environmental Directives

Compliance to applicable Government Regulations on Environmental Matters

Manage production efficiency and Develop green products

Upgrade sustainability practices and wastage reduction

Continue to educate all employees to instil social and environmental awareness. 

Sustainability Initiatives

Provincial Awards in recognition of Clean Manufacturing Environment practices

Installation of RTO system resulting in reduction of toxic air (VOC) emission and energy consumption

Utilise natural gas to operate Ovens and RTO equipment leading to less pollution。

Installation of Inverter on Coating Machines to improve energy efficiency 

Install active carbon absorption equipment for Adhesive Mixing process.
  Photograph:  SGS certification

Province Cleaner Production Enterprise Certificate

Photograph: ISO14001
Social care:

: Aided School


: Project Hope donation

: honor the aged and the wise