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King Label 15th Anniversary Celebration
Time:2013-03-04 14-46-41
       Founded from 1998, through all kinds of challenges and trials, King Label still adheres to his original dream, goal of struggle. In his 15th anniversary, partners from different fields were invited all together, shared the joys and happiness and reviewed the history and memories. The patriarch, President Chen, Shih-Yueh made his toasted and encouraged staffs to work hard and strive to achieve
the future goal, and lead the company to another new chapter.
     According to old traditions, every departments and staffs prepared his own shows and performed to the visitors and employee. When the video played the history review, almost all the employees were touched and because of this cautions and conscientious feeling, employees dedicated and taking care of his own job well, and that’s the reason why King Label can provide excellent product quality.
     At the same time of maintaining stable development, King Label also paid attention to his return to the society and village, every year he donated to educational, cultural, and sports activities. King Label considers and cares
to educational environment and believes to bear his social responsibility. The elebration was ended in the warm applause and King Label is looking for to achieve another new peak. 
President, Chen, Shih-Yueh Speech

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