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King Label acquired “Zhongshan City Headquarters Enterprise” plaque
Time:2013-04-11 09-08-15
Mar. 28th, Zhongshan city government observed the grand opening of seminar of 2013 investment promotion and capital introduction at municipal exhibition center. Vice Governor Mr. Yufang, Zhao attended the opening ceremony and delivered a speech. Participants included Zhongshan municipal committee secretary Mr. Xiaofeng, Xue, Mayor Mr. Liangxian, Chen, leaderships of municipal relevant scientific research team, overseas high-level talents, etc; thousands of people attended this event.
At the opening ceremony, Zhongshan King Label awarded” Zhongshan City Headquarters Enterprise” plaque. King Label group has eight branches, one subsidiary and two factories in Liyang and Zhongshan. It headquartered at Xiaolan, Zhongshan. In order to attract business investment, Zhongshan city government provide key supports to excellent enterprise who is competent to have core independent intellectual property rights and fast growing sales. Also the enterprise must be eligible for register investment or net capitals over 10 millions; sales income of last year over 300 millions and total amount of pay must over 15millions, etc.
King Label is eligible for those conditions and awarded plaque. Based on customers’ supports and superior qualities and technologies, King Label will continue to make ourselves bigger and stronger.