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Honor of “Diamond Customers”
Time:2013-07-04 08-34-35
Kinglabel has consecutively got the honor of “Diamond Customers” for three years (2010-2012), which was awarded by Guangdong Development Bank.
Over the years, Kinglabel has kept good relationship with the bank, with good reputation, mutual trust and mutual benefits. During the long term cooperation, Kinglabel is always abiding by good credit, standard management and good reputation, and thus has got high appraises from the bank.
As far as we know, “Diamond Customers” standard is very strict, which needs deposit balance more than RMB 30 million in the bank and all the settlements in total should be listed within top ten.
This honor will let the bank and enterprise to complement each other’s advantages and get joint development, as well as to create a good situation for continuous cooperation in the future.

“Diamond Customers”