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Kinglabel unremittingly specializes in the adhesive field.


Since its establishment in 1998, Zhongshan Kinglabel has grown bigger and stronger formore than 20 years.In 2008, it established Liyang Kinglabel, and set up 9 Sales & service Offices throughout China For customer satisfaction improvement.

Kinglabel upholds highly the banner of technical innovation,



quality and complete services to open a new chapter in the industry.


Technical innovation injects vigor into enterprise’s sustainable development. 


Kinglabel values scientific research investment, builds a professional R&D team, forms the R&D core capacity consisting of material and formulation technology, foundation R&D and analysis technology. Owing to its years of experiences in R&D and manufacture, coupled with advanced R&D analysis equipment and the data bases in different aspects, Kinglabel can rapidly gain reliable and effective data support, which lays a solid foundation for scientific research.  


Kinglabel progressively updates and deepens coating technology as a strong guarantee for high product quality. It can also respond quickly to customers’ demands and develop the required products for them in time. 


Kinglabel manages from Customer P/O to purchasing, production schedule, production, QC until delivery using ERP collectively. 


To meet production requirement, we build class1000 and 10000t clean room, and introduce automatic equipment. Every working procedure runs in strict accordance with standards. All these effectively promote production efficiency and product quality. 


Implement safety production management system to ensure the on-site personnel and their operations in workshops comply with the requirements. Coupled with a complete set of various safety facilities and devices, we truly promote production through safety, to achieve development through production. 


Quality is the life line of enterprise , and is the core value that roots in all Kinglabel people’s minds and performances. 


Kinglabel sets up an all-round and high-standard inspection laboratory where products go through tests for their physical, optical, flame-retardant, anti-static, printing and aging properties, etc. it has passed ISO9001 Quality Management System, ISO14001 Environmental Management System Certification. Many of its products have passed UL certification, and SGS environmental-protection inspection. Kinglabel pursues higher standards and sets up a new model for the industry quality.



Kinglabel unremittingly enlarges intelligent production lines, comprehensively develops various industrial products, and continuously satisfies customers’ demands with its professional advanced R&D . 

As telecommunication technology and the internet booming


, 3C products (Computer Communication Consumer Electronics) are spread quickly. With years of development foundation in electronic materials, Kinglabel has launched advanced high-transparency and anti-scratch explosion-proof films, anti-static protective films, extra-thin double-sided tapes, curved-surface protective tapes, high-temperature-resistant protective films, etc., and met the 3C products  requirements with their excellent properties. 


In the field of auto mobile application, to meet personalized demand, we have developed door pillar series products, laser-etched labels, warning labels, tire labels, and other related products, to meet customers’ different utilization requirements.


In the field of electronic and electrical appliances, Kinglabel develops non-halogen flame-retardant products, wire and cable labels, high-temperature-resistant PI, thermal release film, UV release film products and embossing products, which meet the special product requirements with excellent properties. 

In the field of daily use chemical materials, Kinglabel can provide PP, PE, PET and other high-quality thin-film sticker label for high-speed labeling applications; its self-developed and self-formulated special environmental-friendly adhesives can meet various end application   requirements. Kinglabel not only provides printers and end customers professional solutions, but also develops more materials for transportation vehicles, sign and advertisements, logistics, medicine,



and other fields.


Confronting the increasingly severe environmental ecology pollution, Kinglabel planned to develop environmental-friendly and degradable materials to make its own contribution to the sustainable development of nature. 





Kinglabel attaches importance to enterprise culture construction, and maximizes personalized management and diversified activities to create a sound working and living environment for staffs. Meanwhile, it observes law and discipline, and strives to cultivate top talents and build a first-class enterprise. 


Kinglabel values public welfare, shoulders the due social responsibilities and keenly repays to the society. From supporting sports events to loving donation for students, Kinglabel has always been fulfilling its responsibilities as a public-spirited enterprise. 

In adherence to the concept of clean production, green and environmental protection, Kinglabel introduces advanced RTO equipment for energy conservation, emission reduction and thermal energy recycling, promise to keep the clean water and blue sky, and advocates a more responsible production method.  



Future Vision

In the future, we will



our product application, focus on the fields of high-end precise optical materials, environmental-friendly degradable materials and new materials, and keep enlarging the product utilization scope. 

Insist on

people orientation


, implement talent-cultivation plan, and inject more vigor into enterprise. By integrating various resources, we lead the enterprise to forge ahead and create common prosperity. 

Complete with the blueprint needed, we are striving to attain the acme. Kinglabel will unremittingly blaze new trails in new adhesive utilization with scientific technology and endeavor to create a world brand, cast centurial enterprise and build to last.


We continue making effort every day and create the bright future.


Code of Business Ethics:

  To ensure a business relationship in which all market participants can leverage their strengths, a company must understand the needs of its stakeholders and work with them honestly, respectfully and with integrity, including the company's customers, suppliers, partners and other third parties The business code of conduct for important customers such as the three parties requires that the following ethical standards should be followed in all business interactions:

  1. Integrity management

 2. Appropriate exchange of gifts and entertainment

 3. Eliminate bribery and corruption

 4. Respect intellectual property rights and protected information

 5. Fair Business, Advertising and Competition


 7. Information reporting or disclosure must be complete, fair, accurate, timely and clear

 8. Identity protection

    The Company provides a dedicated telephone and online whistleblower system that enables them to report suspected ethical misconduct or concerns anonymously or confidentially and to protect them from retaliation or other consequences. Employees and supplier employees are encouraged to report.

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