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l  Kinglabel founded in 1998 at Zhongshan city, aimed at providing adhesive products and services to South-East China.

l  To provide instant products to clients at East China and Yangzi-river basin region, Kinglabel procured land and built its 2nd plant in.

l  Liyang plant started production in 2008.

l  To improve overseas layout, sales and procurement, merge with of Kintac HK in 2016.

l  To expand business development, investment of Zhongshan north logistic was brough in 2018, Zhongshan plant renovation plan kicked off.

l  To expand overseas market and improve services to overseas clients, investment of 3rd plant at Ayutthaya Thailand in 2019.

l  Zhongshan automatic brand-new plant launched in June 2021.

l  Share restructuring, increase capital and company rename to expand application and market in 2021.

l Kinglabel Thailand full operation in 2022,Kinglabel Vietnam establishment in the same year.