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Kinglabel Brand and Trademark:


The origin of thetrademark:
31 rays of light encircling the circular shape of the Sun. represent the unity and perseverance with the Red Color symbolizing the passion and dedication of the 31 pioneer employees that spearhead the establishment of KINGLABEL company.

The main trademarks used in daily are registered in catalgory  5,16 and 17 respectively.

Business philosophy : 
To create first-class products
, provide first-class service, cultivate first-class talent, create a first-class enterprises.

 Quality policy: 
Will give full play to "variety, personalized, high-grade, excellent quality " advantage, and continuously improve the quality management system, in time for customers to provide satisfactory label trademark paper products and services ".

Business creed:
Our goal is to: first-class quality, first-class service;
Our requirements: first-class talents, first-class efficiency;
Our style: be conscientious and do one's best, be strict in one's demands;
Our action: cooperation, keep making progress;for tomorrow, let us do our best.