Precision Coating Optical Film

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With the rapid development of communication technology and internet,3C products can be rapidly popularized. Based on the development of electronic materials for many years, advanced PET/TAC HC anti-scattering film. low flash point PET/TAC AG anti-scattering film, PET/TAC HC AR anti-scattering film, PET/TAC AG AR film, protective film, UV adhesion de-activated protective film and other products with excellent performance to meet the 3C electronic products applications.

Applications: Touch Display, Flexible Display, Flexible Lighting, Cosmetology and Medical care, Automobile and Construction, Electronic Label, Biosensor, Solar Cell, Smart Window Film.



Core Technology
Sputtering & Precision Processing

Integration of Precision coating, unique formulation.R2R lamination and sputtering as well as precision processing technology builds up the core competence for high value-added products such as battery separator of New Power, barrier film for QD or AMOLED, energy saving Display, light control film for automobile, flexible display and 5G-related optical films.

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